"The more you read, the more things you'll know and the more you know, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss

Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Random Stuff I Have Been Up To :)

So, we went to a drama info meeting last week and it was really cool! I learned some more about what they are going to teach us. I will also get to see some friends next week that I don't see very often. I am so excited! Oh! And I got a loft bed yesterday and me and my mom put it together so I got to sleep in it last night. It was so much fun! It was weird though waking up and seeing the ceiling so close to me. But, I really like it and it opens up my room a little more. So I will start putting up some pictures. :)

My mom went to Spirit West Coast, so I had to go into work with my dad one day. I watch Lord Of The Rings while at his work.

My rabbit had never really been able drink out of the bottle we have for him so we put some water in a dish for him but when I went out there, he had his paws in the water dish and was eating his food like that. Silly rabbit.

I got to go riding with a group of friends one day and I had a blast! I got to ride at a lope (or canter, whichever you perfer) and I love riding at that speed. I also got to see a friend which I hadn't seen in a while.

I started watching the BBC Sherlock and it was really good. It made me want to read the book so I started reading them and I love them! They have been really fun to read. And if you like the classics, I would recommend Sherlock Holmes.

We got to do a BBQ with a couple of friends on Sunday. It was really fun and I also got to have a friend stay the night! We had a blast playing Just Dance and talking and hanging out. It was fun!

This has started to be my P.E. It's hard to keep it up but it makes working out really fun by doing games. They also have yoga and strength which I love doing. It's really cool and I enjoy doing it. :)

After the BBQ, me and my friend roasted marshmallows over the fire in our fire pit. After burning a few and then dropping a few on the ground from the bag because I was trying to move, I was able to get a really good roasted marshmallow.

The next day me and my friend played the DVD version of Clue. We played the normal version first since she had never played it before but she really enjoyed it. We both won two rounds.

When we were driving home from the drama info meeting, the sun was going down and I was trying to take a picture of it while we were driving. My mom pulled over for me so that I could get a good picture but then I accidently deleted it so we pulled over again and took another picture.

And when you get two of my friends talking about a book or movie (normally Harry Potter) they don't even noice how weird I can be. Hahaha!

My mom for the BBQ got a big bunch of yellow flower to put around the house. She was able to split it up and made a few vases of flowers. After the BBQ my mom asked if I wanted a vase in my room so now there is a bright vase of yellow flowers in my room. It is very cheerful. :)

We didn't really have dinner last night because my brother was at college group and my dad was doing his brakes with a friend, so it was just me and my mom and we watched Heartland (our new favorite show) and had banana splits for a late dinner.

That's all I have for today! I will post again when I have more pictures. And I am also doing a guest post on my mom's blog, so make sure you check it out!

Thanks for reading!