"The more you read, the more things you'll know and the more you know, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Its Been A While

So it has been a while since I have uploaded a blog post... Sorry, it took me so long to put something up. I have been on Instagram a lot and my computer has been acting up lately. I am going to try and post on here more often if I can so all of you who read my blog can stay posted :)

Again, I'm terribly sorry it's been so long. I've been really busy with drama class and memorizing lines. I'm going to be Mr. Tumnus in the play! I'm so excited and can't wait to start the play. We are going to have a tea in January and we are all going to be in costume and it will be so much fun! So I have been busy memorizing my lines and hoping that I can memorize them in time. I have made wonderful friends while there and have learned so much about theatre. I'm so happy I had a chance to do this this year for 'school'.

Then my mom and my brother are getting ready to go on their Compassion trip to Mexico. I'm also so excited for them! They are going to have a wonderful time there learning about what Compassion does in different countries. They only have 8 more days until the trip and I know I am going to miss them like crazy when they leave but I'll be so happy when they come back. So me and my dad are going to have some time together while my mom and brother are gone which will be fun and I'm looking forward to hanging out with him.

So here are some pictures from around the house today. Today is New Year's Eve and I can't wait to get to stay up until midnight! I can't believe that this year has gone by so fast! I only have a year an a half until I'm driving and it seems like just yesterday I was saying five years! This year was a pretty good year though. I'm glad that we did some day trips to different places but also got to hang around the house a bit before things got crazy busy again. It feels werid that I'm 14 now. Being 13 was pretty short but it was a special time.

I'm so thankful for my family! They are the best family anyone could ask for and I'm so happy that I am apart of them. I'm also thankful for all the new friends that I have made this year! They have been awesome and have always been there for me and I'm so thankful for that! So anyways, let's get to the pictures!

Here are the new calenders that my mom got for this year. We like to do them at the table for a conversation starter. Can't wait to do these ones!

Here is all the candy that we got this year! Some of it is gone and already eaten but there's still a lot more! Yikes! 

 Here is the Sparkling Cider for tonight! I really like this bubbly goodness!

 Here is all the stuff that my mom is going to take with her to Mexico. I'm starting to make bets with myself to see if she can fit it all in her suitcase!
(But she's the best. If anyone could fit all that stuff in a suitcase it would be her)

 Despicable Me 2! Our family really enjoyed watching this movie so we got it for Christmas and watched it Christmas day. This is on my favorite movies list :) I mean who doesn't love the little minion guys?

 Here is my mom's Kindle that she got. We never thought she would get one since she loves books and would normally not get something like this to read books. But she got it for a really good price and she loves it. Although I know for a fact that she loves the feel of books and its pages still. :)

 On to the decorations! Since my mom and brother are going away in about a week we decided to put the Christmas stuff away ealier this year so that they didn't have to worry about it after they got back. Here is the first one. This one hangs up above our tv and we have one for almost every season and one for Christmas. My mom made this so we would have something to put on the wall right where its at. I really like the little snowman in the middle. Who's your favorite snowman on there?

 I love this little snowman that we have! He is the softest snowman there is and I can't wait to put him out when we put up our winter stuff.

 Here is a snowman that my dad made! He used to make them and sell them but he doesn't stay with one thing for long. They sure were cute though! :)

 We have been making little drawings to go on our chalkboard in the dining room. We do one depending on the season or holiday. This time I was the one that drew it on the chalkboard and I'm pretty proud of myself. Do you like it?

 Let it snow! Here is the last decoration that we have put up this year. We are going light on the decorations this year because as I explained, we don't want my mom to have to worry about a lot of stuff after her and my brother get back from there trip. I like this little guy! He is pretty awesome. :)

 Here is our 'fire' that we made for when it's Christmas time and winter time. But we have had in our fireplace all year.... We might want to think about taking it out of there in the summer time since it will be a little too hot to have a fire in the house. ;)

And for the big shocker! I cut my hair! Short! I have had it long for well so long. I decided it was time to change it up a bit and cut it short. I'm really liking it like this since it is easy to wash and brush. Although I can't do much with it since it's short I really don't mind that much. I'm hoping to keep it this short for a while and then I think I will grow it out again.

That is all I have for today! Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about what has been going on and seeing some pictures! I'm thinking that if I don't really have anything to take pictures of I will just write about some stuff that has been going on but when I do have pictures I will be sure to show you!

Hope you all had a wonderful year and I hope that you have a even more wonderful this year! :)