"The more you read, the more things you'll know and the more you know, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exploring and Re-enacting

So, me and a friend when to the Exploratorium for the day and then just this weekend we were Civil War Re-enacting (which I didn't get a lot of pictures). I got braces on Wednesday which have been very painful and a mouthful. So I guess I should get on with the pictures. :) I will start with the Exploratorium and then move on to the Civil War. So here we go!

 Here's where we sat down to eat lunch and I had to take a picture because the of big fluffy clouds!

This guy had been working on this for I think about 30 years! It is all made out of toothpicks and he's still not done! Yikes!

 We were almost to the Ghirardelli place but we made sure we stopped to rest since it took us quite a while to get there!

 Waiting for our ice cream......

And it came! Yay!

Sorry there wasn't very many pictures of that day. :(

 I had to throw in this yummy milkshake that my mom made because it was so good!

 On the way to the re-enactment

 The clouds were amazing driving up there

 One of the pictures that I'm proud of! Even my mom said she was impressed!

 The sign on our tent

 This is where I hung out most of the two days

 Some games. Graces is the hoop and sticks and then the other one is cup and ball which is quite fun!


 Some cups

 Our lantern 

 Our camp

 I was playing around with different shots

And last but not least, a picture that I drew while I was there. I made it using pastels that I brought with me and I think I'm going to hang this one of the wall! 

So that is all for today, I will post again when I have more pictures! :)