"The more you read, the more things you'll know and the more you know, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just A Little Post

So Matthew and my mom got home safely from their Compassion trip to Mexico! When they got back it was non-stop stories about different things on the way home. It was fun hearing about all their little adventures while they were there. The next day my mom showed us all the pictures she took on her camera. There was so many! But I loved seeing all the happy kids faces! And then their was our sponsored child who was just adorable! They said they knew who it was when they saw his hair! It was lots of fun looking at pictures and hearing stories.

I had to get back to doing my school this week and honestly it felt very very normal. Like I should be doing it for the rest of my life during my day. Although I know that feeling will go away once it gets closer to summer and I don't want to be doing school. My favorite subject right now is art. I love doing art and I love learning about how I can do it better! Second in line is writing. Although it can be confusing sometimes it has been very fun and I have learned a lot! Third I guess would have to be science. That sometimes is very very confusing and I have to go back and re-read a chapter to figure out what it was saying. Last would have to be math. Yes it's probably everyone's most hated subject but some of those things just don't make sense to me. Like why would you want to undo an equation? But I guess I will need to know it someday so I will keep on learning. I have to say though that my own personal bible time has been so much fun and my most favorite! I am going through a Sherlock Holmes devotional and it is very good! I might just have to re-read it after I'm done with it!

Sorry, I don't have any pictures up but it hasn't really been a picture worthy week... Oh well...

Today though we had Panda Express for lunch! It was so good and I'm so glad that we have a Panda here in town! After we were done eating we left the box out and soon the house smelled like chow mein! It was an amazing smell.

That's all I have for today but I will be posting again soon and hopefully with some pictures!

Oh and one more thing. I have been writing letters to a friend just recently and in one of my letters I had written a sort of a poem in it. It was about how much I love spring! So here it is:

I can't wait for Spring! I love the smell of the air and the gentle breeze of the wind passing through the trees. I love being able to stay outside all day long and hearing the chirping of the birds in the trees. The way the sun beams down on the trees making the leaves glow. The small delicate shoots of gem green grass pushing through the dirt. Oh and the day, the first day, that you finally get to wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts. The sweet smell of flowers blooming drifting through the air. The sound of a lawn mower next door and sitting by an open window letting the breeze through. And the first couple of rain showers making everything glitter and gleam.

And then of course once Summer comes to an end, I can't wait for Fall and Winter. The cripness of the air after rain and the smell of something baking and candles burning in the house. I'm glad God made Spring because it's the most beautiful time of year. I don't know what I would do without it! 

So there's my 'poem'! 


Saturday, January 18, 2014


 My mom and brother got home safely from Mexico on Wednesday! Both me and my dad were happy to have them home again. They had a wonderful time meeting all the kids at all the different centers and had a fantastic time meeting our sponsored child Felix. The next day my mom showed me all her pictures and all the kids were so sweet and looked very happy! It was great to see that my mom and brother had a great time there.

So here is some pictures from this morning.

My mom and brother have almost finished packing all the stuff that they took with them to Mexico.

This is the Welcome Home sign that me and my dad made for my mom and brother when they got home. We also got a little pot of flores amarillas (yellow flowers) for them. 

One of the girls at my drama class had a good idea of how to practice her lines. She record herself saying the other persons lines and then said her lines in her head and then continued. It has been helping me a lot! It helps me know when to say my lines and know some of the lines before mine.

I also made a mask and showed it to our costume person to see if that is what one of the girls in the play wanted for her costume. She loved it and we are going to make masks one Friday so we can use them in the play. This one isn't finished yet but I wanted to make sure that the half mask would work before we make them.

I have been loving the one of the little calenders that we have. The quotes have always made me smile!

This is how I feel when it's Friday! :)

So yes it is a short post but the past week has been crazy busy with me being gone from the house almost all day and then having to go pick up my mom and brother. I hoping that I can get another post up soon!


Friday, January 3, 2014


So yesterday me and my mom went out on a mother daughter day! We thought we would do it that day since my mom is going to be gone for a week and even though I get to see her 24/7, I'm going to miss her lots. So we decided that we would go to the movies, get some lunch and then run some errands. So here is a couple photos from yesterday!

We didn't really go to a Regal movie theatre but I still thought I would take a picture of the awesome gift card that I got for Christmas. :)

We listened to The Piano Guys on the way there and on the way back. My mom got this CD for Christmas and she hasn't stopped listening to it since! But it really is a good CD!

On the way there and on the way back I was also reading my lines for the play that I'm going to be in. I've almost got them down but still have a couple hiccups...

I told myself that I wasn't going to mess up my papers. I was going to keep them really nice but I was wrong.. The edges of the pages are all bent and the paper is crinkled. Oh well! I guess it means I have been practicing!

On the way home there was a beautiful sunset! I couldn't pass up taking a picture of it. Oh! Lol, I didn't notice but you can see me in the mirror at the bottom left!

Here is another picture of the sun going down behind the hills

And I would put a picture of my lunch at In-N-Out Burger but blogger won't let me upload the photo for some reason... oh well..

So I have another drama class coming up and I can't wait! I'm so excited to see all my friends again! And then most of my youth group went to winter camp and I didn't and a lot of people were bugging me about it. (I didn't go because I didn't have the money and didn't really want to go) So one of the days we had a big dinner with turkey, cranberry salad, green beans, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatos. I took a picture of it so if anyone asks why I didn't go to camp and I'll just show it to them and say 'my mom was cooking. I couldn't miss her cooking for the world'. :)

That's all for today! Thanks for reading and I will post again soon! :)


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day

So the pictures on here aren't in order and I apologize for that. Like I had said in my last post my computer has been acting up. But here are some pictures from today!

Today was just a relaxing day. We just hung around the house and outside. My mom was knitting, my dad took a nap and me and my brother shot the BB gun and the bow outside.

So here are some pictures of what we did today and just some random things :)

 These are my glasses which I lose all the time. I didn't know where they were 3 times yesterday and then once today. Thankfully I was able to find them all the times I lost them.

 And here is just a cool shot of my computer... I was messing around with the flower setting on there.

 Here is what we had for breakfast this morning! Pancakes! Pancakes are probably my second favorite breakfast. Waffles would have to be my first because they are just so good!

 Here is also another part of breakfast. Now I think this is a really good shot. It could almost be in a cookbook! ;)

 We started our new calender! So of course the first day is New Year's Day. But I'm excited to see what comes up next!

 We love lighting candles during the winter time! This one is special though. We put melted wax into some of our teacups and put a wick in there and now my mom uses them around the house.

 This year I was able to use pastels and I learned about how wonderful they are! I love being able to mix them together with other colors and be able to make a whole new color. So here is one of the first pictures I did. It was for the art book that I am going through for school and I didn't use the same color for shading so the nose is a little dark looking... But it's alright. And I liked it enough to put it up on my wall.

 Here is all the things that I am going to be using for my 'hoofs' for the play that I'm in. Now you might be wondering how I'm going to do this so I will post a picture of the finished product when I get them finished. I'm excited to see how they turn out!

 Now this is a cool little thing that I have started. I don't remember where I had heard of it but I thought that it would be fun to write letters to my future husband. So when I get married he can read them. I thought it would be fun to do! I just write about how my day went and what has been going on that day. I have been enjoying it but the thing is that I have to remember to write them! Oh! And I numbered them so that they are in order, since I have just been sticking them inside my hope chest and I don't really have a special container for them.

 My socks don't match! I do this all the time because I have all my socks in one drawer and they aren't all with their pairs. So if you see me I just might be wearing non-matching socks. :)

Here is my brother's Red Rider. This is what we were using to shoot boxes out in the backyard. It's a fun way to get good at aiming and to get some fresh air! I had fun kinda hanging out with my brother this afternoon.

And I'm sad to say that Vinnie, my rabbit, died this summer. We had to put him down because we think he may have had a stroke and he couldn't move his whole left side. We will miss him very much because he was my first pet and he was a very kind one.

So that is what happened today! Again, I hope you enjoyed reading about my day and what I did! I hope to post another post again soon. Hopefully it doesn't end up being months before I end up doing another one. :)