"The more you read, the more things you'll know and the more you know, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss

Monday, April 30, 2012

San Francisco with Olive

So I know all of you have read about Olive and how she was going to come to our church. Saturday was our free day. So, we asked Olive where she would like to visit in California. She said San Francisco. So, on Saturday we got up early to meet up with some friends. We took BART from Pleasanton to San Franscisco. We walked around and stopped in some places like Chinatown. Here are the pictures I was able to get on our big adventure.

I could never live in the city...I am more of the country mouse...

I thought that the clock was really pretty

I think that this is the Bay Bridge

We stopped somewhere to go to the bathroom and I thought the view was pretty cool

Here is Matthew and Olive

We also went to Pier 39 on the way around town

These flowers look like they are made of paper

Some boats

One of my mom's type of shot

We passed by the beach on the way to get a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

We were walking up stairs and I looked behind me and thought "What a wonderful shot."

Again, I could never ever live in the city...It's too busy and there is no breathing room

I like this shot!

Chinatown...It's different...

So that was our trip with Olive. We had a really great time while she was here! She was so sweet and kind and loving. I hope that we can see her again some time. Well, I also hope that we can have another young lady come and stay with us! Maybe next time she will have seen California and we won't have to walk everywhere....My hips and feet still hurt and are still sore from Saturday. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mariposa Civil War Re-enactment

So, our family does Civil War Re-enacting and we have been for about 4 years. We get to dress up and camp for three days in a A tent (which looks like an A when you set it up). I am hoping that for the next re-enactment I will be able to go on the field as a corpsman (which is medical). My mom is going to make me a shirt to wear so I don't have to borrow one.

When we first got to Mariposa we ate our dinner and then me and my mom took some pictures of the flowers and the trees and other things.

It is so beautiful there. The hills look like they were painted on.

 Here are the dog tents. Can you guess why they are called that?

This is one of my favorites.

That tree was really pretty. Also I like the name of the flowers in this picture. Popcorn flowers.

I was keeping an eye out for good pictures. Did I do all right?

From our camp we could see the cannons on the hill

Our view in the evening

The evening battle. I like how the smoke is whisking away.

All the smoke was laying on the ground. I am sorry these didn't really come out. You need a tri-pod to use the night setting otherwise you end up with blurry pictures.

Here is another smoke picture. Once the battle was over there was a lot of smoke in camp.

Horses! (squeal)

So that is what we do at a Civil War Re-enactment. It was really hot there so me and my friend were in a place that had really big rocks and there was shade so we hung out there most of the day. I was disappointed though because in Spanish, Mariposa means butterfly, but I didn't see any butterflies while we were there... Bummer....

I am so excited (repeat) I am so excited, because we are going to pick up Olive today! She is the Compassion young lady from Uganda that is going to stay with us and speak at our church. I am going to sleep in the living room since we are going to let Olive sleep in my room. Also going on, my brother is going to be graduating next week, so me and my mom (mostly my mom at the moment) have been looking though old pictures of my brother. We are going to put them on poster board and show them when we are there.

One more thing I am going to be working on a quilt for my bed. It is going to be blue and brown (the colors of my room). Me and my mom are going to work on it on Wednesdays (if I can hold off doing it until then) because that's when my brother goes to Youth Group and my dad has bible study that night with some friends of his. So it just leaves me and my mom. I will keep you posted on the progress of the quilt.

And that completes my blog post! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainy Days

I love rainy days! You get to stay inside, play games, and watch movies. I also love the air and the crispness of it after it rains. So that is why I got excied when I saw the weather forcast for the week. Although I knew that the weather people hadn't got the weather right for a few of the days, I was hoping that it would rain.

Here is the weather forcast on Tuesday. Rain, rain please come down!

We had to pick up my brother from work on Tuesday, so I thought I would take my camrea along and see if I could get some shots of the rain. I was able to get a few pictures of the hills and a few road shots. I really liked the way they turned out.

The little blur of yellow was some of the mustard seeds growing on the side of the road.

I had taken this shot after about a half an hour of driving. This is my favorite one!

I love reading while we are driving. (This is the book that I got the name of my blog from.)

It got a little foggy on the way there.

On the way back home, there was a lot of the mustard seeds growing. I thought that this was so cool!

This is what it looked like at home. When we had got back it hadn't rained at all. Also I found the sun! :)

So today was a very busy day. I had a really long list of stuff that I need to get done. My mom had bought a table top for a sewing table that she wanted to make. Well, tonight she cleared out one of the bookcases and we now have stuff all over the floor. (see my mom's blog to see the mess and the table). I had to clear out all the stuff that was under my desk. Now that's a different story.....I had a ton of junk under it and ended up throwing away most of it. Then that made me think about the clutter in my closet. So I knew that it was all stuff that I didn't need and wouldn't need later so I ended up throwing away most of that too. I felt so good after I cleaned everything up. I had such a full day today that I am still doing some of the stuff on the list tonight.

Here is my long to do list. I had to do a report on how much food you would need to survive for a year. Mr. Fatula is always thinking of stuff for me to do to stay busy. Sometimes too busy.

I had learned that Olive's (for more info on Olive see my first blog post) favorite color was purple (like my cousin Jessie). So I am going to make her a purple bracelet. I'll post a picture of it once it is finished.

Here is a picture of my normally sunny spot outside. Bummer...I liked it when it was sunny. :(

There's the sun! This picture was taken from my bedroom window.

So we took a little stop on the way to pick up Matthew...We really like Ikea and I needed a nightstand for my bed and my mom needed the top for her sewing table. And guess what? There was an Ikea close by to where we were headed. So, we went in and sure enough we found what we were looking for. Here is the nightstand:

I love it! I have always wanted a little table with a drawer! :) Oh, and this is Puffy. The one that I need to sew. He gets a few holes in his sides that I need to sew once in a while...He is one loved dog. Not as much as my horse that I still sleep with though. :)

I thought that some flowers would go nicely with my nightstand, so my mom looked on Pinterest for some felt flowers and here is what we found.

So, that completes my fourth blog post. I think that maybe I will post some flower pictures for next time I post about something. I LOVE taking pictures of things up close, so naturally flowers are things that you can take pictures of up close. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter is so fun! I had a great Easter this year. When I was younger we used to read Easter stories and watch Veggietale Easter movies and have a Easter egg hunt. We really didn't do all that this year. Since my mom kinda missed doing all of it we at least had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

In all the pictures I can remember I have always put the Easter egg basket on my head, so I figured that I would do it this year too.

Found it!

I really don't know what my brother is doing....My mom took the pictures.

My Easter bunny. :)

I had asked what my mom was taking a picture of and she said the flowers. Right.....

We have a gardening supplies shed thing that I climb on and I can take some cool pictures of the sun. (I love climbing on things and in trees)

A picture of myself. I have a habit of having my eyes not open enough in pictures.

After all this and church on Sunday, we went to my uncle's house. My Aunt Betsy asked for some white vinegar so my two cousins, Jessie and Juliette, and me with my uncle went to go get some. Well, being the funny uncle that he is he wanted to play a little joke on my aunt. We got some balsamic vinegar and white vinegar. We went back to the house and gave my aunt the balsamic vinegar, she found out it wasn't what she needed and thought that the store had run out of white vinegar. My uncle throw me the keys and asked if I could run down to the store and get some. (All I did was run back to the Jeep and grab the other vinegar.)

So, that completes my third blog post. I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the pictures!  

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Saturdays are really fun! I love Saturdays. You don't have to do school, we don't have any Saturday chores, and we get to just relax and get a few things done around the house. I thought that I would take a few pictures around the house and see what everybody was doing today. Here is what I came up with for the first few hours of today:

Here is me making sugar cookies

Going into the hot oven!

Looking good cookies!

There are always two or three misfit cookies....

I love listening to music when I am baking or cooking

I am amazed that there wasn't that many dishes but then most of them are in the bowl..... :)

This is what my mom did this morning. There was lots of bags full of stuff on the floor.

This is also what my mom is going to do today

Mom got stuff in the mail+ bubble wrap = Wahahaha! Die Bubble Wrap!

Oh, wait, we did this yesterday. It was so much fun!

Our purple (repeat) purple broccoli. Weird, but cool.

My highly protected strawberries. Watch out big hungry bear!

I think the bear overlooked these strawberries.....Would you like one little mouse?

A little Easter project me and my mom have been working on

This is what my dad and brother are working on today. I don't think any one would be able to drive away with it looking like this.... :)

I love this playing this song...."I know you I walked with you once upon a dream..."

What I have been reading. I love mystery's!

Yes! I don't have to do any of this! Hip Hip Hurray!

Yay! They're all done!

So this is what we all do on Saturdays. Tomorrow we are going to go to my uncle's house for Easter. I will get to see all my cousins there! Yes! Oh and one more thing, if y'all were wondering why I picked the name that I did is because it's the name of my favorite book by Louisa May Alcott. She writes the best books besides the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. And plus I like old fashioned things. I love how they make our home so homey and inviting. So that's completes my second blog post! As Tigger would say TTFN. Ta Ta For Now!